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Diabetes Cycle of Care

Diabetes Cycle of Care:

Since May 2016 we have signed up to an exciting new project to enhance the health and wellbeing of patients with Type 2 Diabetes.

You will be invited to attend every six months to a special clinic with dedicated time.
You will have the opportunity to discuss any medical concerns you might have, discuss lifestyle changes, review medication. Diabetes Cycle of CareWe will do blood tests to check for Cardiovascular risk factors, renal function and blood sugar control. Blood pressure checks (including 24 hour BP monitoring if indicated). We will send your urine to the lab to estimate the albumen /creatinine ratio, a test that picks up the very earliest signs of deteriorating renal function.
We will examine your circulation, your nervous system, check your height weight and estimate BMI. If indicated, we will do an ECG (tracing of your heart). We will register you with Retina screening service.
When we have all the results back we will discuss them with you and offer advice and resources and if need be further referral to services like Dietician or Podiatrist.

Think of it as a twice yearly service check, just like you do for your car. And the good news is it is FREE to Patients with a Medical or Doctor Visit Card!

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