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Driving Test Medical

Driving Test Medical Examination and Eye Test

When making an appointment for a Driving Test Medical Examination and/or Eye Test please remember the following:
Please let the receptionist know if you require an examination for Group 1 or Group 2 license as the requirements/ appointment time and fee are different.
If you wear glasses please bring your DRIVING GLASSES with you NOT your reading glasses.
Please bring the form(s) with you. (you can download it from
Please note Minimum corrected vision requirements for Group 1 are 6/12 binocular vision and Group 2 is 6/7.5 one eye (corrected) and 6/60 the other eye (corrected).
It is recommended, though not yet a legal requirement, that Group 2 drivers have a formal visual field test by an Optician or Ophthalmologist to check peripheral vision. For drivers who are actively driving Vehicles at the larger end of the Group 2 range we will insist on this before signing off on the Group 2 eye test.
Please note that examination, eye tests and filling of forms for either Group 1 or Group 2 license application or renewal is NOT COVERED BY MEDICAL CARD nor DOCTOR VISIT CARD. Click here for FEES.

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