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Mole & Skin Check

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Mole & Skin checks can be booked online between 2 & 5 pm on Tuesday afternoons, click on the link below to make a booking.
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Mole and Skin Check.

Here at Rattoo Medical we have been examining skin with a dermatoscope for more than 10 years. Dr. O’Reilly has a keen career long interest in Dermatology with a Diploma in Dermatology from the University College Dublin.He is member of the PCDS and the UK PCDS. He has done courses in Dermoscopy in the UK and does continuous dermoscopy training with the University of Cardiff.

What does Mole/Skin check involve: Time 30 mins Euro 90

1.To start the skin of your whole body will be examined, first with the naked eye (the gold standard ABCDE inspection and looking for the Ugly Duckling).
2. Then each mole or skin lesion will be examined with a hand held Dermalite dermatoscope. This involves the use of polarised light in a non-contact magnification and in some cases a contact lens may be used. In the latter instance a small amount of oil is placed between the lens and lesion. Frequently patients come in asking us to have a quick look at a mole that is bothering them and most times it is nothing to worry about however it is not uncommon to find something that they haven’t noticed that needs attention. This is why we need to examine everywhere, behind the ears, between fingers and toes and the finger and toe nails!

3. a mole of concern to the patient or doctor will be photographed using our new Foto dermatoscope.

4. After examining the image closely I will inform you of the result:
a The mole is harmless and doesn’t need any follow up. However we always stress that self-examination should be a lifelong practice and any changes in existing moles need to be seen
b. the skin lesion /mole looks suspicious and needs to be removed and sent for histology. All suspected Melanomas will be referred urgently to a surgeon who specializes in Melanoma. Some non-melanoma skin cancers can be removed in Rattoo Medical by Dr. Hanratty, a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.
c. The lesion/ mole needs surveillance and should be photographed again in 3 or 6 months. Our new dermatoscope enables us to store images of moles and compare them over time and store an accurate map of where they are on the body Obviously if there is any change in the mole it may need to be removed.
d. Request a second opinion. This New technology enables us to send the magnified dermoscopy image of the mole to an international Specialist in Dermoscopic dermatology. We will give you a copy of their report/opinion.

Dermoscopy is fast becoming mainstream and a Swedish company have developed an inexpensive attachment to a smartphone for home monitoring. While this is very new and yet to be extensively tested it may well be an option for clients with multiple moles. We will be happy to give you details.


Have a shower the morning of your appointment and do not apply body lotions or creams. Avoid wearing clothes/ socks that leave dark fluff on your skin.
If you have long hair either tie it back so we can examine neck fully.
Please remove nail polish the night before.
Please remove makeup from face and neck. Very important if you have a discolored patch on your face (Lentigo)
Please do not apply self-tanning products on the face or body for 2 weeks prior to the examination

Book a Mole & Skin Check Online Now

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