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FACES at Rattoo Medical Centre

We would like to welcome you to our new advanced aesthetic clinic. In a largely unregulated industry you can be reassured that you will get impartial and honest advice.  We use only, what we believe, are the best products. We are certified fully trained and insured for every procedure we offer.

In keeping with best practice we photograph, counsel and consent before every procedure. For the last two years Dr. Hanratty has done extensive hands on training with some of the leading pioneers in aesthetic medicine including Professor Alessio Redaelli, Milan, Italy and Dr Marcello Suarez Bigetti, USA. She has a Fellowship in Surgery (RCSI) and a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine. Because her training is independent and not sponsored by cosmetic companies she is not tied to particular products or brands so you can be assured of professional and impartial recommendations.

Anti-wrinkle injections with Botulinum Toxin:

Treatment Areas

Crow’s Feet
Forehead frown lines/ brow lift
Glabellar lines


Bunny Lines
Masseter hypertrophy (square Jaw) and Bruxism (teeth grinding)
Gummy Smile
Sagging Jowls
Dante’s nose,
Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
Nefertiti Lift (neck Platysmal bands)
Mentalis hyperactivity (Witch’s Chin)
Treatment takes about 15 minutes and there is minimal discomfort as the amounts injected are very small and the needle tiny.
Top up within 14 days is free.
Back to work immediate.
Results last 2-5 months.
Risks and Complications: very rare and are usually completely
reversible but include, drooping lids, double vision, bruising, infection, allergic reactions.

Treatment Prices: Are a guide only. Doctor will give you estimate at the time of consultation.

Consultation fee (redeemable against cost of treatment) Euro 50
I Area Euro220
2 Areas Euro 300
3 Areas Euro 400
Full Face Euro 500
Full Face plus neck Euro 650


Both Axillae From Euro 500
Hands and Feet hyperhidrosis involves regional nerve blocks and takes > 1 hour. Cannot drive afterwards. Price on application.
Masseter Hypertrophy Euro 350
Masseter treatment for Bruxism (teeth grinding) only if medically indicated Euro 300


An advanced use of Botulinum Toxin where it is injected to the superficial layers of the skin using a mesotherapy technique.
It is particularly useful in areas like the cheek where using toxin on the underlying muscle (Zygomatus Major and Minor and Risorius ) is not possible as it would cause facial weakness. Can also be used on décolletage
The doctor is happy to discuss this treatment and cost as an add on to other treatments.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers:

We use a wide range of fillers including the various types of Juvederm, Rystelene and Belotaro. The thickness of the filler and the volume injected will depend on the area being treated

Lip Augmentation:

Subtle use of HA filler to the vermillion border of the lip, Cupids bow and the philtrum borders and minimal volume to both lips gives a natural look. The key word is subtle.
Price from Euro 300 depending on type of HA filler used and volume.

Volume Depletion:

Using a blunt cannula and local anesthetic cream we can inject HA fillers to Temple hollow, Malar area, cheek, eyebrow, Tear troughs, nasolabial folds, marionette lines as required by volume depletion and correction of asymmetry.
Price depends on the amount and type of filler used. We will be happy to discuss this at a consultation

Medical Rhinoplasty:

This is an advanced technique where bumps and asymmetry of the nose can be treated with HA filler. It involves careful use with a cannula.

Skin rejuvenation:

This involves inducing new skin regeneration by damaging and shedding the old skin. Can be done with heat, light, chemicals, ultrasound or abrasion/ needling. The damage can be complete like in peels or ablative lasers or fractional like fractional lasers or Dermarollor/ Dermapen/ Dermastamp (where an island of undamaged skin remains).
Regardless of what method is used it is vital that the new skin is as healthy as possible. If you think about it a bad sunburn will cause shedding of old skin in the form of peeling but the new skin is not younger or plumper because the UV light has damaged the collagen and elastin
We all want to see immediate improvement but being patient really improves outcome. Wonderful results can be achieved by priming the skin beforehand with a combination of vitamins and prescription creams that will ensure a healthy dermis and an even skin colour.


Neostrata Pro system:

Superficial peeling system with minimal down time.
Indications : Skin brightening, Acne, anti-aging, Malasma, Keratosis Pilaris.
Cost Euro 80 per treatment

Cosmo Peels:

Superficial to Medium depth TCA peels.
Recommend preconditioning to get maximum benefit.
Cost 190 per treatment. (2 treatments recommended at 4-8 weeks apart)

Obagi Blue Peel:

Medium depth peel using Obagis patented system to control depth of penetration of TCA Recommended pretreatment of skin with Obagi Nu-derm system.
Cost Euro 500

Obagi Blue Radiance Peel:

The peeling agent is mainly salicylic acid with minimal downtime. A superficial peel that brightens the skin leaving a healthy glow.
Price Euro 100


Professional dermarollers are rolled on skin that has been numbed with anesthetic creams. The fractional skin damage promotes new collagen formation. We apply uncross linked Hyaluronic acid to the finished skin which is rapidly absorbed giving an instant pumped up appearance. This acts like a vector to draw in topical agents like Vit C and other anti-oxidants. Home dermarollers used weekly with L ascorbic acid works to maintain benefits.
Cost from Euro 150 depending on products used.

Platelet Rich Plasma:

Using a butterfly needle between 9 and 18mls of blood is collected in a special collection tube. It is then centrifuged to separate the plasma from the blood and the platelet rich from the platelet poor plasma.
It needs to be used immediately. On contact with collagen the PRP releases the various growth factors and cytokines that stimulate healing, collagen formation or hair growth.

Vampire Facelift:

The PRP is injected into the subcutaneous skin of the face in much the same way as HA filler, tear troughs, Malar area, cheeks, lips, Temples. Any remaining PRP can be used in the superficial skin using a mesotherapy technique.  Cost Euro 450

Hair Restoration:

PRP is injected into the scalp using hundreds of superficial injections. Only works if there are some functioning hair follicles. Can be used in both male and female hair loss. Generally needs regional nerve blocks as the injections are very painful. Procedure including nerves blocks takes about an hour. Cost and treatment plan discussed at consultation.
Please note the PRP for hair restoration, while it can give excellent regrowth of good quality hair it is NOT A PERMANENT solution and you need to continue getting the treatments to maintain the results

PRP with Dermaroller:

PRP can be introduced into the skin using a medical grade dermaroller (> 1.5mm) making many 1000s of breaks in the epidermis. The PRP is left on the skin while the patient rests in a quiet place for 30minutes. Cost Euro 300

For more information on any of these products or to book a treatment consultation please text
087 4046432 and Dr. Hanratty will call you back in confidence.

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